IMG_1569I am a Supergirl, I am a Warrior, I am a Fighter, I am a Globetrotter, I am Lovable, I am Adventurous, I am a Positive Thinker, I am an Inspiration to others, I am a Dreamer, I am Beautiful, I am Passionate, I am Kind, I am Lucky, I am a Hero, I am half Italian and half German, I am Intelligent , I am Emotional, I am Funny, I am Strong, I am “Juventina” (a diehard Juventus Fan), I am obsessed with house music…

… that’s how my friends and family describe me.

I am a woman who loves life and everything that comes with it.

My passion for adventure and travel around the world was the result of choosing to work in the tourism and hospitality industry. I loved working in Sales & Marketing for Resorts in the most beautiful spots on earth, giving me more opportunities to travel. My passion became my work and I worked in places where others go on holiday: South Africa, Mexico, Oman, Vietnam, Thailand.

Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer, and since then my life has been turned upside down.

I moved back to my hometown in Germany, and commenced my treatments. Now, a year and half later, I have undergone 48 bags of chemotherapy, 22 irradiations, had my left leg got amputated, 2 lung surgeries and have spent over 160 days in hospital.

My friends have encouraged me to write about my life, my cancer fighting experiences, as well as my travel experiences.

Earlier this year I celebrated my 30th birthday in January (2016) and my family and friends organized an incredible surprise party. I would like to share those special moments from an unforgettable night for those who were not able to be there but sent me lovely video messages. That night brought about a huge sense of relief, and I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel, after undergoing a very depressive period. I suffer another setback, but I haven’t felt any stronger as I do now.